Environmental Sculptures by Aarale Ben-Arieh

Aarale’s environmental pieces are always related to the human space and environment. He usually refrains from repetition and each individual environment serves as a vital source of inspiration (design which is site specific).

He designs his pieces as monumental objects in a specific cultural context, oftentimes with real user value. « He expresses his signature art not only in the creation of a piece, but also in its significance. The technique he uses to render his sculptures enables direct, proximate contact with the material. The use of traditional methods for contemporary creation imbues within the sculpture an expression of values for the entire duration of the sculpture’s life. The visual imagery used offers elements of both play and rest in the public space and gives his art social significance… »
(Maya Halevy, Director of the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem).

Materials used include: various metals and steel, wood, stone and concrete. This diversity enables maximum custom tailoring to each individual space and ensures optimal endurance in all weather conditions.

His pieces are designed for long-term durability and require minimum maintenance.